PPSR Enquiry

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is an official government register that functions as a 24/7 online public noticeboard of who has a security interest in certain assets. It can include cars, company assets, boats, used goods and intellectual property, but doesn’t include land or fixtures. 

It’s relatively new – only coming into effect in 2012. But it can be a very useful tool for legally binding asset protection when done correctly. 

Engaging a PPSR Asset Protection Expert 

Protecting your assets through the Personal Property Securities Register is a highly complex and specialised service. It is not something we encourage clients to try and do themselves – it could leave you very vulnerable to heavy financial losses. 

Our trusted provider for this service is Andrew McLellan from EDX Registration Services Melbourne. We have worked with Andrew for many years and work in partnership with him to supply asset protection services to our clients. 

We help ensure Andrew has access to important financial documents to complete the registration. We also provide advice on structuring issues to ensure that your business structures are set up correctly to take full advantage of the PPSR regime. Andrew takes care of the PPSR registration and ensures it is correct and legally binding. He will even remind you in 7 years when you need to re-register clients again! 

To contact Andrew about Asset Protection services, complete the enquiry form below.

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Click here to visit the PPSR website.