Changing Accountants

Breaking up without the headache

Changing accountant is a pretty big deal, and probably not something you do often. Now that you’ve found us, your new perfect business-life-partner, you might be dreading “breaking up” with your current accountant.

Maybe you don’t want to face them to tell them you’ve found another?  You can’t bear to collect your files and accounts? Or you think it will be too complicated to transfer all your financial details across to Aintree Group.

We understand.  We’ve been there before.  That’s why we’ll do the break up for you.

Taking care of (your) business:

We’ll manage the switch and make sure all your information, records, documentation and notes are seamlessly transferred across to us.

  • We will write to your previous accountant and advise them that you’re changing accountant; and
  • We’ll collect your documentation; and
  • We’ll organise for your ASIC and ATO records to be transferred electronically; and
  • We will check your lodgements and make sure all your documents and records are up to date.

Still not sure if it’s worth the hassle?

We’ve taken away the pain of the process. But maybe you’re not convinced that we will understand your unique situation quite like your current accountant? Trust us, we will! We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients’ business intimately! You’ll be surprised how quickly we get up to speed.

We know the right questions to ask, and how to interpret your records to gain a really good understanding of your business. Even with all its complexities and character quirks.

And if you won’t take our word for it, here is what some of our existing clients say about working with Aintree Group.

With Aintree Group, changing accountant doesn’t have to be hard – and trust us, you’ll never look back.

Contact us today to make the break and start a new business future with Aintree Group! 

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