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At Aintree Group we pride ourselves on our tax knowledge and accounting services.

We specialise in compliance and tax planning for business owners, trusts and self-managed super funds.

From business set-up and strategic planning to monthly financial reporting and restructuring.

We’ve got you covered from start up to retirement and everything in between.


We know your books, why not let us keep them for you?

We can tailor all our bookkeeping and payroll services to your specific needs.


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We’re here to protect you with expert asset protection strategies that will build a secure wall between your business and personal assets.

This protects them from liability, creditors and other threats to your business.

Self-Managed Super Funds and Trusts are all about setting you and your family up for long-term.

And at Aintree Group, we want to help ensure your financial future is secure.

& Trusts

Whether you’re planning your exit for years in advance or have suddenly been given an offer you can’t refuse, you need experienced advisors on-side. We can provide all the tax, finance, legal and strategic advice you need for a successful business sale.

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Chartered Accountants

About Aintree Group

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Aintree Group Chartered Accountants is part of Aintree Group – an integrated professional services firm based in Melbourne, Australia.

Our mission is to provide quality support and expert advice in all areas of your life. A key component in executing that mission is offering a range of services that matter to business owners and professionals, including accounting, legal, wealth and advisory.

Shane McKenna, Ashley Wignell & Graham Haydar - Aintree Group Chartered Accountants